What are the dual-coil speakers

Dual-coil speaker it is in other words two in one solution. By installing two separate windings in one housing, we gain the ability to connect the second, separated galvanically audio source. Such a solution allows you to first of all save space in the shell, which normally would occupy the second speaker.

This solution also allows you to keep the original damping parameters of the shell, as it is not necessary to modify the elements of the damping materials.

Mounting the dual-coil speakers is recommend to those users who have on board additional sound sources, which clearly listen is important during the flight, for example. vario, GPS, but also those who simply would like to connect headset to your smartphone.

Offered by us feature to replace the single-coil speakers on dual-coil concerns two pieces - the left and right shells. It is also possible to replace just the one speaker. In this situation, a second source of sound audible only in one shell. Insertion of dual-coil speaker require also to mount additional audio input socket. The standard is there a single, 3.5 mm Jack. On special request we can mount another standard of socket. By installing two dual-coil speakers it is possible to listen in a stereo.