Active noise reduction set with Bluetooth function

NC-BT / ANR is a new set of active avionics from NAVCOMM for use in aviation communication kits. It combines over twenty years of company experience gained on the General Aviation market with the latest in active noise suppression and wireless communications technology. The use of the latter, in particular, opens the door to new possibilities for the integration of audio equipment for communication and aviation navigation.

NC-BT / ANR allows you to combine two, simultaneous and full-duplex audio channels - primary, wired for radio or intercom and wireless, based on Bluetooth. It should be noted that while both the built-in Bluetooth module and active noise reduction ANR system need battery power, in the event of a loss of battery power, the basic function of the communication set - the radio communication, is still active.

NC-BT / ANR consists of two main components - a module designed for cable mounting and electronics mounted inside the headset. The module includes a two 1.5-volt AA batteries and a following set of controllers:


  1. main switch,
  2. Bluetooth switch,
  3. +/- switches for Bluetooth volume adjustment,
  4. two knobs (L/R) for main, wire volume adjustment ,
  5. two LEDs informing about operating mode,
  6. additional AUX, 3,5mm phone jack socket allowing to connect a 3rd audio source (for ex. variometer)
  7. three position slider for adjusting a priority of audio channels mode.

With the latter, we can choose how to behave in the event of simultaneous emergence of signals in both wired and wireless channels. It is possible, for example, to select the mode in which wireless transmission will be automatically muted during radio correspondence.

The additional feature of above set is the ability to compile a wireless connection to the NAVCOMM NC-55A / BT air-band radio..