Terms of warranty

  1. The Guarantor provides good quality and efficient operation of the equipment, which was released warranty.
  2. Guarantee period is 12 months for the power cells, and 36 months for other equipment from the date of the sale.
  3. The Guarantor provides free removal of defects that prevent operation of the equipment or replacement of a defective item free of defects within a period not longer than 21 days.
  4. After a prior appointment and the place of receipt of the Guarantor provides a free shuttle to the claimant for the advertised equipment to and from the site.

    Shipments sent COD, or at the expense of the recipient via the other than that indicated by the Guarantor of the courier company will not be accepted.
  5. If the equipment is touted proficient or damage occurred are not subject to warranty, advertiser will be charged for checking, if necessary. Cleaning and maintenance, and transport equipment.
  6. The guarantor has no obligation to provide replacement equipment for the duration of the repair.
  7. Warranty Period shall be extended by the time warranty service.
  8. The guarantee does not cover damage or malfunction resulting from:
    • mechanical damage and defects caused by them,
    • made their own repairs
    • modifications, replacement or exchange components, subassemblies and software
    • The operation of the device in conditions not complying with the manufacturer's instructions and for its intended purpose.
  9. The guarantee does not cover maintenance foreseen in the manual, replacement and repair consumed in a natural components and their contamination.
  10. The guarantee does not cover claims arising from the technical parameters of the device, as long as they do not comply with the specified by the manufacturer.
  11. Refusal to perform the repair service warranty is equivalent to the loss of warranty.
  12. The guarantee will be respected by the Guarantor after the presentation by the Claimant including:
    • legibly and correctly filled warranty card,
    • a valid proof of purchase of equipment from the date such as the warranty card.
    • faulty equipment.