How the Balanced Armature (BA) driver works.

Balanced armature (BA) driver are in the form of a small box with an outlet through which sound escapes. In the middle there are permanent magnets, and in their magnetic field there is a movable anchor with a wound coil. When no current flows through the winding of the coil, the anchor is in a stable, or in other words, balanced position - that's where the name derived from balanced armature comes from. When the audio signal is passed through the coil, the anchor will vibrate in accordance with the signal. The anchor is rigidly connected by means of an element in the form of a rod with a very rigid membrane that generates sound. This sound comes out through the formed mouth of the membrane chamber. Built-in transducers are a solution used mainly in military equipment and in hi-end music headphones. They are appreciated in the world of audio due to very good sound reproduction, small dimensions and high efficiency.

Balanced Armature (BA) driver

In the NC-400U headphones, their use has allowed us to solve many construction problems while providing very good listening parameters. The NC-400U are the first airline headphones in the world that use this type of audio transducer.

For more information about anchor transducers, see the producer's video - Knowles available at the following link: