What is the earbud?

The earbud in the headphones of the made-to-measur series is an indispensable element of the sound transmission system. The role of the insert is a stable mounting of the acoustic channel in the ear, the acoustic sealing of the entrance to the canal and bringing the sound from the transducer to the ear canal. This element is made individually from the previously collected ear measure (from the so-called impression). The earplug should ideally fit the shape of the ear, otherwise it may get caught while wearing it, or in the event of a leak it may not adequately suppress external noise.

How do we split the earbuds?

Due to the profile:

  1. Full - the material fills the entire profile of the insert so that it is more resistant to damage when inserting and removing
  2. Openwork - the profile of the insert has partial loss of material improving the ventilation of the contact areas of the earlobe insert

Because of hardness:

  1. Hard - made of antiallergic, hard acrylic resin. They provide good tightness and high resistance to mechanical damage. Recommended for frequent use and for aircraft with an average volume in the cockpit. Recommended in an openwork version.
  2. Soft - made of antiallergic silicone. They are characterized by better tightness and comfort of use than hard inserts while maintaining good mechanical resistance. They are a compromise in terms of damping and durability. recommended for moderately frequent use and / or in conditions with increased noise levels. Recommended in openwork or full version depending on whether we want to improve comfort (openwork) or mechanical resistance (full)
  3. Very soft - made of antiallergic silicone. Increased tightness and comfort were achieved at the expense of reduced mechanical resistance. They require greater care when inserting and pulling, compensating for this by an almost imperceptible presence in the ear. Recommended in the full version.

Due to the color of the mass:

  1. Transparent with a marker (small dot in red or blue) allowing to distinguish between the left and right inserts
  2. Stained in mass. Most often the color given to the insole allows to distinguish the left (blue) from the right (red). On special request, we can make an insert with virtually any color.