How to care for earbuds

Each insert, in order to fulfill its function well, requires proper hygiene. Depending on the type (very soft, soft, hard), it should be periodically inspected and maintained. After each use, the pad should be wiped with a dry cloth, and once in several or dozen flights should be wash by watter , disconnecting it from the acoustic tube.

Before each use, check the inserts and check that there is no ear wax on them that can block the transmission of sound from the BA driver. If such contaminants appear, they should be removed with a soft and dry cloth, and in case of clogging of the sound channel, blow out using pump supplied with the set.

If the transparent plastic tube that connects the insert with the transmitter breaks, gets damaged or becomes inflexible and discolored, please replace it in our service.

In hygiene and cleanliness, tools and care products for the earbuds supplied with the headsets are helpful.